CSP Focus China Tour 2017


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                CSP Focus China Tour 2017

                Registration / Get brochureTIME:2017.11.05-14

                • China CSP Projects -- Now and Future

                It is well known that China government had approved 20 demonstration CSP projects with FiT at RMB 1.15/kWh, and the total capacity 1.349 GW, which made China another engine for global CSP development. As was required in the 13th Five Year Planning of RE Development, another 3.65GW CSP capacity needs to be deployed within 2020, when the world CSP capacity will be doubled. And it is really an exciting and challenging task for the local industry peers. According to some insiders close to National Energy Administration, the governing body for energy project deployment, more CSP capacity will be planned in the following decade (2020-2030).

                ● Status quo of the 1st round of 20 pilot CSP Projects

                The success of the first round of 20 demonstration CSP projects is critical for the deployment of the following 3.65GW. Below is the list of those who had started construction and made some progress in the past year.

                ● China Local CSP Value Chain

                The local value chain for China CSP industry has been getting mature through the fast development of the past decade. The local companies are able to produce almost all the key equipment and materials including receivers, molten salt, heliostats, concentrators, mechanical & hydraulic drives, control equipment for DCS, and glass reflecting mirrors. The total investment of those companies reached RMB 4.18 billion (USD 698 million).

                ● Where is the potential cooperation opportunities between China local and international CSP companies?

                CSP is relatively new in China, and the local developers and EPC contractors did not have any experience and reference in CSP, especially in the development and construction of commercial CSP plant. So there is a huge demand of cooperation with overseas CSP companies, in some field such as project development, engineering and design,EPCM, O&M, etc.

                Biggest opportunities for overseas companies in China CSP market

                • What to expect in these TEN days' tour to SIX cities?

                ● Get insight of CSP roadmap and future project allocation before 2030

                ● Network with developers and EPC contractors of the on-going CSP projects

                ● Witness the status quo of the manufacturing capacity of local CSP industry

                ● Explore the mutual cooperation between China and overseas CSP players

                • Companies and CSP projects to be visited

                China National Solar Thermal Alliance, discussion on policy trend, local industry chain development, R&D cooperation potential, etc.
                Shouhang IHW Energy Saving, the project developer of 10MW+100MW CSP Tower project in Dunhuang, the EPC contractor of CGNSED 50MW PT project in Delingha.
                Shouhang IHW 10+100MW molten salt tower CSP plant in Dunhuang, West China. The 1st phase of 10MW plant is Asian 1st molten salt tower CSP plant which could operate 24 hours per day.
                Rayspower, the developer of Rayspower Yumen CSP project, 50MW Parabolic Trough plant with storage.
                North China Power Engineering, the leading power engineering company in China, participating several CSP projects in China.
                NWEPDI Northwest Electric Power Design Institute, another leading power engineering company in China, participating several CSP projects in China, EPC contractor of Hami 50MW molten salt tower CSP project.
                Zhejiang Supcon Solar, the developer of 50MW Supcon Delingha molten salt tower CSP plant, and completed China 1st commercial CSP project.
                Shanghai Electric Central Academy, one of the leading CSP R&D institute in China, focusing on the R&D on molten salt tower receiver and heliostats design.
                Jiangsu Xinchen, the developer of 50MW beam down tower CSP project in Yumen.
                Royal Tech CSP, the developer of two CSP plants, 50MW and 100MW each; and the receiver tube manufacturer in China.
                United Energy Storage Technology Ltd., TES system integrator in China.

                •  Tour Inquiry

                        Ella Wei

                        CSP Focus

                        Tel: +86-21-61110177

                        Email: csp@johnspicuzza.com

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                • 2022.04.21-22     Beijing

                • 2021.10.28-29     Beijing

                • 10th CSP Focus China 2020

                  2020.10.22-23     Beijing, China

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                  The Cordoba-based engineering company Magtel has started the environmental consultation phase of the first hybrid renewable power plant to be proposed in the province of Cordoba. It will have (if it gets the papers) the two available solar technologies, solar thermal and photovoltaic, but it will have a peculiarity. You can create electrical energy at will. When the energy network demands it. Even

                • CSP Project Tenders Last Week (Sept 1-11)

                  Equipment Procurement Tenders- CGN New Energy Jilin 100MW CSP ProjectOn September 2, Daan Guangtou Zhongneng CSP Company issued a bidding announcement for the turbine generator set, steam generation system, solar concentration and heat collection system, cold salt pump, hot salt pump and thermoregulation pump of CGN New Energy Jilin 100MW CSP Project.Tender for Turbine Systems-Tibet Mining Zabuye

                • Letlhakane Concentrated Solar Power Plant in Botswana

                  The Letlhakane Concentrated Solar Power Plant is a planned 100 MWconcentrated solar power station in Botswana. The owner, developer and operator of this solar power complex will be an independent power producer, whose identity will be revealed when the ongoing open bidding is concluded. Bids were received until June 2022.The power generated here is expected to be bought by Botswana Power Corporati

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                  Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has received 4 bids from international companies for consultancy contract for the sixth phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, Dubai Media Office (DMO) announced on Tuesday.The single-site solar park is the largest of its kind in the world, using the Independent Power Producer (IPP) model, with a production capacity of 5,000 megawatts b

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